Category: Training Tips

Stretching Running: What exercises do you do before you run?

Before starting to run, run on a treadmill or in the park, take a few minutes for preparatory stretching. Stretching is the set of stretching exercises aimed at improving the muscles. Stretching can also be interpreted as an autonomous discipline, but most people practice it to accompany other types of sports. Each discipline requires specific […]

The importance of personal trainers in the gym

Today many gyms offer a personal trainer service in addition to the regular gym membership. Gym members can take advantage of the advice of a specialized trainer who will follow them during their training sessions helping them to achieve their goals. The personal trainer service has a separate cost compared to the subscription, a cost […]

Strike Zone: all the way from the abdomen

The world of fitness is often crossed by meteors, fashionable phenomena that are consumed over a season. Every year the fitness centers offer innovations that promise miracles and disappear within a few months. Very often, these are just functional advertising items to attract new customers to gyms, but behind all this smoke there is little […]

Water treadmills for soak training!

Did you know that technological progress has led us to take advantage of the most complex and effective technology that has ever existed? Today it is possible to practice a myriad of sports, according to one’s tastes. For water lovers, a treadmill is now available, without a motor, of course, which allows you to walk […]