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Gym clothing: what helps the most training

How to choose your gym clothes according to the activity you are practicing Soft clothing, technical fabrics that support allowing freedom of movement and proper breathability: these are the characteristics that should have a functional gym clothing. In addition to being attentive to food, omega 3, or energetic breakfast that helps us train better, in […]

Cheap women’s gymwear: the best outfit for workouts

In the gym you go not only to lose weight, but also to get away from the routine and find psycho-physical well-being: here is that feeling comfortable with clothing is essential to fully enjoy the benefits! There are many ideas for a fashionable and economical outfit, just take care to choose the right fabrics. Going […]

Yoga Clothing: How do I dress up for class?

Far from wanting to be a “fashion” article, we will give you some advice on what to wear while practicing yoga: a small guide for beginners and for anyone who wants to have fun or renew themselves from this point of view. We have illustrated the newest and most unusual types of yoga; we have […]