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5 tips for a perfect fitness outfit for men

With September in full swing towards autumn and the start of the new training season, it’s time to dust off your sportswear and keep all the promises you made this summer lying on the beach. To keep yourself motivated during the coldest seasons, there are a few basic rules you can follow: choose a trendy […]

Soccer and soccer boots: how to choose the best models

If you play football or five-a-side football, even if at an amateur level, you can certainly not help but buy a good pair of shoes, after carefully assessing the main technical features. First of all we have to make a distinction between football boots (football boots) and soccer boots (soccer boots); between the two sports […]

The best shoes for heavy runners

Do you know of anyone who continuously shares every detail of their exhausting training and the results of their last 20 games on social networks? This is the case with an obsessed athlete, but this article is not aimed at this category. Today we present an analysis of shoes for athletes with high body weight. […]